School Policies

School Hours

Doors open at 8:55 a.m. Dismissal is 11:55 a.m. Please be in the hall by 11:55am as dismissal goes quickly.

If a child is to remain at the school for any reason or is to go home with another child or anyone other than the regular driver, the teacher must be notified in advance by note. For a last minute change, call the school. For the safety of your child this policy must be observed for each change.


Enter the carpool line from Taylorsville Road.  Cars WAIT in line and let their child walk to the door of the building marked worship to go in. Cars then leave by the Six Mile lane exit.  If you are arriving late, please park  and ring the Church Office door for entrance.  This entrance is located by the concrete steps.


Parents will PARK for dismissal and enter by the outside gym doors. Have your going home sign visible. If you need more signs just ask. Use the long hallway to line up. Teachers will dismiss in that order and parents will exit with their children, down the same hall. Please remain in the long hallway until your child is called. We ask that you, or your child do not prop open the back gym door when entering or exiting.  If the person picking up your child does not have your child’s going home sign, they will be asked to show their driver’s license.


Please do not park in front of the mailbox near the Taylorsville Rd. entrance or block incoming traffic there. Also, watch not to park in the crossing area from the playground to the school. All other areas are good.


If you and your child use the school playground, please ask them what the school rules for safety are. Using the same rules will make things more consistent and safe. Check to see if your child needs to go to the bathroom before going to the playground as the Preschool Staff and Office Staff will not be available to answer the door bell after dismissal.


A birthday is a very special day for a little child. You may send a simple purchased or packaged treat such as cupcakes, cookies, or doughnut holes. Those having a SUMMER birthday will celebrate an “unbirthday” on a day of your choice. Please send a note first. We have a Birthday Box with a gift for your child. We ask each parent to contribute one item for that box.


Parents may sign the “I want to help lists” for treats on special days.


Children are not to bring toys, or blankets, etc. to school. You will be notified of a “Sharing Day”.

Lunch Bunch

A supervised recreational time for the children with a lunch provided from home. 11:55am – 12:55 p.m. M/T/T/F. The charge is five dollars per session. Payment should not be turned in to the bookkeeper, but to your child’s teacher. This will help us speed scheduling lunch bunch days.

Health and Safety

Please keep children at home if they are ill. If your child develops a contagious disease, call the school. Please do not call if your child will be absent for only a few days.

Biting and Aggressive Acts: Biting is a serious, aggressive act and infections are easily transmitted through this type of wound. For these reasons, biting is considered serious. Any act that threatens the safety of others will be met with the following actions: (1) Talk with the student concerning the serious nature of this act – contact parents. (2) Again discuss the serious nature of the act with the student, remove child from the immediate area and contact the parents for a conference. The child will be sent home from school for the remainder of the day. (3) Expulsion from school.