Three Year Old Class

This is a socially oriented program. A variety of musical and rhythmic activities, creative art, literature, fine and gross motor development are part of the daily routine. Listening and language skills, recognizing colors and shapes as well as understanding special concepts become an outgrowth of the class experiences.

Four Year Old Class

The curriculum includes emphasis on language development, body management, particularly gross motor skills. Activities for fine motor and perceptual development, math and reading readiness skills, commensurate with this age level, are included. The daily schedule offers a wide variety of activities including rhythms, music, art, literature, share and tell, physical education and play. Play belongs to childhood. Through it, your child works his/ her way, in joy, to a more mature and capable person, ready for the next step in their ever-growing development.

Junior Kindergarten (JK)

The children’s day consists of working and playing together with a balanced creative curriculum including center, individual, group and free play time. Your child is given time to choose work, play and plan activities for themselves.  Language Art (reading readiness using multi-source material, phonemics & phonics, whole language, vocabulary enrichment, literature, sight words, pre-writing), Math (a hands on and concrete approach), Science, Art, Music and Rhythm, Social Living, Body Management and Physical Education (with emphasis on Fine as well as Gross Motor Development) are a part of the learning experiences each class day.